11 How I Met Your Mom Memes That Completely Sum Up The Display

If there used to be ever a display from the 2000s that used to be…

If there used to be ever a display from the 2000s that used to be meme-able, it’s How I Met Your Mom. There have been such a lot of working gags, humorous moments, and quotable quotes at the side of defining characters that fanatics have had a box day getting ingenious with shareable memes.

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One of the most memes reference the display on the whole, whilst others be offering remark about pivotal eventualities or moments. However only some are actually indicative of the display itself, absolutely encompassing what it used to be all about.

11 Pie Chart

A pie chart meme about Barney's job on How I Met Your Mother.

By the use of: Memesbams.com 

Some of the working jokes at the display used to be that no person within the team knew what Barney – the most efficient personality on How I Met Your Mom, in keeping with Ranker – in reality did for a residing. On every occasion he used to be requested, he by no means obviously responded. He at all times wore a go well with, used to be hardly ever noticed coming or going to the workplace, and used to be very rich.

The meme jokes about this, suggesting that fanatics had been extra occupied with studying what form of process afforded Barney a swanky bachelor pad and private driving force than they had been in finding who the mum used to be.

10 They Had been Quarantined

A meme about the kids on How I Met Your Mother being in quarantine.

By the use of: u/Guille642 on Reddit 

Some of the extra topical and well timed memes, this one hilariously means that the one reason why Ted’s two kids caught round to hear Ted drone on about years of his lifestyles for 9 seasons value of reports used to be as a result of they had been all in quarantine.

It could make overall sense. Each and every time the children had been proven within the opening or final sequences, it used to be transparent they had been bored and demise to depart. Alternatively, dad additionally had them captivated, and so they simply sought after to get to the top of the tale and in finding out the solution. The one method two youngsters would stick round that lengthy, in keeping with the meme, is that if they had been in quarantine and had nowhere else to head.


9 Problem Accredited

Barney from How I Met Your Mother wearing sunglasses in a challenge accepted meme.

By the use of: Memesbams.com 

Every other memorable line from the display, and one this is repeatedly copied, is Barney’s “problem approved.” It used to be typically given based on any person implying that Barney would by no means be capable of get the eye or win the love of a selected girl.

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The gist of the commentary is that whoever says the road is able to end up any person fallacious. Barney approved numerous demanding situations all the way through the display, in particular when it got here to girls.

8 The Finale

Spongebob in a meme about the How I Met Your Mother finale.

By the use of: Imgflip.com 

The finale of How I Met Your Mom unfortunately is going down as one of the most worst on tv. Many of us didn’t like all the ultimate season, nor the truth that all the display constructed up the mum for such a lot of seasons simplest to have her die after all.

However, regardless of the anger or unhappiness in the way it ended, there is not any denying that the majority die-hard fanatics shed a tear or two whilst they watched her unwell within the clinic and realized that she used to be long past.

7 The Slap Wager

Marshall slapping Barney in a How I Met Your Mother meme.

By the use of: Bingeclock.com 

The Slap Wager one of the recognizable working gags and scenes that are living rent-free in each and every fan’s head from How I Met Your Mom. Marshall gained a raffle towards Barney that allowed him to ship 5 slaps any time he desired someday (he later gained some other wager that added an extra 3). That intended Barney used to be at all times on edge, by no means figuring out when the slap may come.

On every occasion Marshall discovered a second to money one of the most slaps in, he made certain it used to be epic in nature, worthy of being performed in sluggish movement. Barney took it in stride, since a raffle is a raffle, finally. However the Slap Wager is understood terminology for fanatics of the display, and it used to be a large a part of every season.

6 Wait For It

A legendary joke meme about How I Met Your Mother featuring Barney in a suit.

By the use of: KnowYourMeme.com 

Some of the iconic statements from the display used to be Barney Stinson’s “legen-wait for it-dary.” Enthusiasts repeat it in all places and in quite a few eventualities to explain their self-professed self assurance or how superb a selected second used to be.

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Past that, the nature of Barney used to be one of the most absolute best at the display, offering comedian reduction, consistent hilarity, and a whole reverse way to courting from Ted’s. Curiously, whilst Barney’s womanizing and insensitive conduct would by no means fly these days, on the time, it used to be all in excellent fictional amusing.

5 HIMYM Vs. Buddies

A meme comparing How I Met Your Mother to Friends.

By the use of: 9gag.com on Pinterest 

Many have made comparisons between Buddies and How I Met Your Mom. Each are a few team of unmarried pals residing in New York Town and going about their day-to-day lives. It is no secret that How I Met Your Mom used to be closely influenced by means of Buddies.

This meme superbly issues out one of the crucial uncanny similarities between no longer simplest the displays but in addition one of the crucial major storylines. This incudes the lengthy love tales between Ross and Rachel and Ted and Robin, the affection triangles that integrated Joey and Barney, the womanizing personality, and the satisfied finishing with the apparently very best couple.

4 Theme Songs

A meme about the opening sequence song in How I Met Your Mother.

By the use of: Awwmemes.com 

Even merely seeing this meme, fanatics straight away may start buzzing or making a song the display’s theme track, which targeted most commonly at the hook and not using a lyrics, simply those sounds. However the beat and hums had been unique and catchy, so it used to be difficult to not a minimum of bop a head to them.

Chances are high that that fanatics no longer simplest sang alongside every time they sat down to observe a brand new episode however may proceed to take action any time they see the intro video or pictures. That incorporates the recognizable one featured on this meme.

3 No longer In reality About The Mother

A meme featuring Ted, Robin, and Barney laughing from How I Met Your Mother.

By the use of: TheChive.com 

It is so true that, after 9 seasons, fanatics learned that the tale wasn’t in regards to the mother finally. It used to be extra so about Ted’s early life spent together with his pals and the moments that formed the individual he sooner or later changed into. The mother used to be an excellent love of his lifestyles, however used to be she the nice love?

In line with the finishing, the true love tale may in reality had been Robin, one of the feminine TV characters who deserved a greater finishing. And simplest in her demise and with Ted’s youngsters now grown used to be he in spite of everything in a position to return to phrases with it. The meme pokes amusing at this, as despite the fact that the display fooled audience all alongside into considering the mother used to be the necessary a part of the tale when she in reality wasn’t.

2 Each and every Little Element

An image of Ted in a meme about How I Met Your Mother.

By the use of: Memecreator.org 

Enthusiasts briefly learned that during telling his brief shory about how he met their mom, Ted used to be giving his youngsters each and every mundane element about his lifestyles from the instant he met Robin and Barney to the day he met and married their mom.

From uninteresting days at paintings to insignificant dates with ladies that did not quantity to the rest, this meme exaggerates the truth that Ted did not go away any element out when he informed the tales, regardless of how a ways got rid of it used to be from the point of interest of it.

1 Be Like Them

A black and white meme featuring the main characters from How I Met Your Mother.

By the use of: Me.me 

Each and every fan had a favourite personality at the display, or the only they associated with probably the most or sought after to be probably the most like. Actually, How I Met Your Mom had numerous lifestyles courses to show fanatics. This meme highlights every of the principle characters’ maximum defining high quality, from Marshall’s propensity for dreaming giant, together with in the future changing into a pass judgement on or working his personal environmental regulation company, to Barney’s self-professed awesomeness.

The textual content on the backside means that the one who created the meme, in reality, believes that the characters in reality taught them how one can possess every of those qualities. Certainly, fanatics in reality fell in love with the principle 5.

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