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HERO monsters are a core a part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX collection and feature been…

HERO monsters are a core a part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX collection and feature been a mainstay within the aggressive sport for over a decade. HEROES are available in numerous other bureaucracy: Elemental, Future, Imaginative and prescient, Masked, and Evil being the important iterations.

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Whilst many of the unique Elemental HEROES and their fusions are not the most powerful, Konami has made a lot of improbable HERO playing cards all through the years that experience warped the aggressive metagame. Longevity and total energy are each components to imagine when understanding which HERO is the best of all of them.

11 Elemental HERO Neos Alius

Elemental HERO Neos Alius is a Gemini monster being able to be handled as Elemental HERO Neos if it was once Gemini summoned. Alternatively, Alius’s impact itself wasn’t the explanation it noticed play.

Gemini monsters have an extraordinary position within the sport’s historical past, with Neos Alius being arguably essentially the most performed of all of them. Alius noticed play within the HERO Beat deck, the place he’d be sacrificed the use of Gemini Spark after which used as a Miracle Fusion subject material to summon an impressive fusion monster.

10 Future HERO Diamond Dude

Diamond Dude Yugioh

Future HERO Diamond Dude has one of the distinctive results within the sport. Diamond Dude lets in the participant to mill one card. If the milled card is a spell, the participant can use the impact of the cardboard with out paying its prices at the subsequent flip.

Within the anime, Diamond Dude was once utilized by one in every of Jaden’s 3 primary Yu-Gi-Oh! competitors: Aster Phoenix. Aster used Diamond Dude for numerous methods, however TCG avid gamers most commonly used him for the risk to hit draw spells or Magical Stone Excavation to assemble the items for an impressive OTK combo. This deck turned into referred to as “Diamond Dude Turbo” and was once a key a part of the meta at its time.


9 Evil HERO Malicious Bane

Malicious Bane Yugioh

One of the vital causes GX is one of these cherished Yu-Gi-Oh! collection is the Superb King arc the place Jaden falls to the darkish aspect and makes use of Evil HEROES. In recent times, the sport has created a brand new boss monster for Evil HEROES: Malicious Bane, who cannot be destroyed through combat or card results.

Malicious Bane was once a cornerstone of the preferred 2020 HERO deck that performed an amalgamation of all varieties of HERO monsters. The monster was once tricky to care for the danger that the fusion spamming technique may just dominate duels with. Now not simplest may just it overpower maximum playing cards within the sport with its impact, however there have been few solutions for its destruction immunity.

8 Elemental HERO Prisma

Prisma Yugioh

Elemental HERO Prisma lets in the controller to ship a monster from their deck to the graveyard to duplicate its identify, as long as that monster’s identify is a subject material for a fusion monster within the participant’s additional deck.

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Prisma’s best moments in fact were not in HERO decks, he discovered his primary house with Gladiator Beasts. Now not simplest did he grant more straightforward get entry to to Gladiator Beast fusion monsters along with his identify trade impact, however the skill to ship Gladiator Beasts from the deck to the graveyard additionally got here in to hand.

7 Elemental HERO Bubbleman

Bubbleman Yugioh

Bubbleman is one in every of cherished Yu-Gi-Oh! GX protagonist Jaden Yuki’s maximum used monsters, and for just right reason why. Whilst the anime impact to attract 2 playing cards was once made extra situational in the actual sport, the facility to big summon itself made it a robust card regardless.

Bubbleman noticed essentially the most play in HERO Beat, the place he was once used to help in making rank 4 Xyz monsters along with his particular summon impact. His greatest use was once as soon as he was once within the graveyard, avid gamers may just abuse his Water characteristic to Miracle Fusion for Elemental HERO Absolute 0, one of the tough boss monsters within the sport on the time.

6 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist

Shadow mist yugioh

Elemental HERO Shadow Mist was once a HERO card particularly made to beef up the Masked HERO archetype, letting avid gamers upload Masks Alternate to their hand every time he was once particular summoned. On most sensible of that, Shadow Mist may just seek for a HERO when despatched to the Graveyard.

Till Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, there wasn’t a lot counterplay to the use of A Hero Lives to carry out Shadow Mist. It was once a brutal combo that made decks containing HERO monsters a lot more potent. Shadow Mist has noticed play in more than one HERO decks all through the years or even has noticed some play in non-HERO decks only for the facility to carry out Masked HERO Darkish Legislation.

5 Elemental HERO Absolute 0

Absolute Zero Yugioh

Most likely the most powerful HERO fusion monster within the sport, Elemental HERO Absolute 0 has the slightly easy necessities of fusing any HERO and any Water characteristic monster. For that value, avid gamers can get a 2500 assault monster that may damage all monsters the opponent controls.

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Elemental HERO Absolute 0 was once the famous person of HERO Beat and the only monster that made the deck viable at its time. HERO Beat may just summon a rank 4 Xyz monster with Bubbleman and every other hero, then banish either one of the ones monsters with Miracle Fusion to summon Absolute 0. There have been few decks that might stay up after Absolute 0 wiped their box of monsters.

4 Future HERO Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer

Destroyer Yugioh

Fusion would possibly not have began because the most powerful Yu-Gi-Oh! summoning mechanic, however contemporary revamps in fusion spells have allowed fusion monsters to dominate aggressive Yu-Gi-Oh! together with Future HERO Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer, a brutal fusion monster that may regularly revive itself.

Future HERO Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer’s skill to damage playing cards the opponent controls as soon as in line with flip whilst additionally reviving itself continuously makes it one of the tricky playing cards to care for within the sport’s historical past. Phoenix Destroyer is a contemporary inclusion within the sport, however together with Fusion Future and Predaplant Verte Anaconda, the brand new Future HERO has utterly ruled fashionable aggressive play.

3 Masked HERO Darkish Legislation

Dark Law yugioh

Darkish Legislation is not a standard fusion monster. It could possibly simplest be summoned through a Masks Alternate card, and the result of the trade are terrifying. Darkish Legislation makes the fighters banish their playing cards as an alternative of sending them to the graveyard, an impact that absolutely shuts down many methods.

If there are two issues aggressive Yu-Gi-Oh! is understood for, its graveyard manipulation and looking. Darkish Legislation has results that cripple each, making him a dominant drive in each HERO decks and in a different way. Darkish Legislation is so sturdy that Burning Abyss and different darkish decks have performed Masks Alternate II simply to summon him.

2 Elemental HERO Stratos

Elemental Hero Stratos

Elemental HERO Stratos is a undying monster with 2 tough results. The primary lets in it to look any HERO monster on summon, and the second one we could it damage opposing spell and entice playing cards. The second one impact is sweet, however the first is why Stratos turned into so tough.

Elemental HERO Stratos has been the cornerstone of dozens of aggressive decks, together with game-breaking tier 0 decks like Airblade Turbo and TeleDAD. Stratos is so sturdy that it was once banned for an overly lengthy time frame, and has even noticed play in aggressive decks as lately as 2020.

1 Future HERO Malicious

Destiny Hero Malicious

Via banishing a replica of Future HERO Malicious from the graveyard, the participant can summon a brand new reproduction of Malicious from the deck. The impact turns out blameless, however Malicious is not just the most efficient HERO monster ever made: he is one of the most very best combo enablers within the sport’s historical past.

The power to summon more than one degree 6 monsters in a flip has been abused all through the sport’s historical past. TeleDAD, Diva HEROES, and dozens of alternative combo decks all through the years have incorporated Malicious as a core a part of their technique. It is no wonder that Konami needed to lately prohibit Malicious to two copies in order that avid gamers may just simplest use his impact as soon as.

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