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The Mortimer Freeze boss battle in Cuphead: Scrumptious Ultimate Path can put gamers on skinny…

The Mortimer Freeze boss battle in Cuphead: Scrumptious Ultimate Path can put gamers on skinny ice with out finding out the correct knowledge previously.

Cuphead: Scrumptious Ultimate Path DLC includes a boss at the island’s east facet named Mortimer Freeze. A snowy house with a stone bridge results in an igloo the place Mortimer Freeze will also be discovered. The Mortimer Freeze boss battle is composed of 3 levels with more than a few varieties of assaults in every level. Cuphead gamers aiming to take at the frigid boss battle will want a couple of tricks to keep away from his assaults and strike again successfully.

It’s going to take a couple of makes an attempt to be absolutely acutely aware of Mortimer Freeze’s assault patterns, similar to different boss fights just like the Chess Knight in Cuphead. Then again, as soon as Cuphead gamers achieve Mortimer Freeze’s lair, they’ll face the boss in an area surrounded by way of snowmen. Mortimer Freeze, donning a red wizard’s outfit, takes 3 paperwork all over the boss battle. The primary Mortimer Freeze shape gamers should defeat is his flying wizard shape, adopted by way of his snowman shape at the floor, then in the end a snowflake shape.


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Gamers should care for assaults from all angles and all the time keep acutely aware of Mortimer’s place to complete the fight. The primary segment contains aerial assaults whilst Mortimer Freeze is flying and soaring within the air. Subsequent, the battle transitions to the bottom, whilst the closing battle has gamers within the air leaping together with rotating platforms whilst attacking Mortimer. If gamers stay their distance from Mortimer’s assaults and rapidly counterattack, they may not be buried in this Cuphead graveyard the place a secret house will also be unlocked.

Mortimer Freeze Boss Combat: Beating The First Segment in In Cuphead: Scrumptious Ultimate Path


The primary segment contains 3 aerial strikes that Mortimer Freeze will use to assault gamers.

• First assault: Summoning 4 ice minions who stroll towards the participant to do harm. Those minions will also be destroyed with only some hits.• 2nd assault: Throwing playing cards out of a crystal ball that pass in a immediately line towards the participant. Crimson card will also be parried.• 3rd assault: preventing in midair and smacking an orange whale into the bottom. There’s a hole between the wind-up of the swing and the have an effect on in order that gamers can dodge it extra simply than many assaults from different bosses like Sheriff Esther Winchester in Cuphead.

Mortimer Freeze Boss Combat: Beating The 2nd Segment in In Cuphead: Scrumptious Ultimate Path


The second one segment comes to Mortimer coating himself within the snow to turn out to be a snowman. This segment provides new assaults to Mortimer’s moveset.

• First assault: Mortimer rolls or jumps from one facet of the level to the opposite. Gamers can soar over the roll extra simply by way of staying within the middle of the level as preparation.• 2nd assault: Mortimer turns right into a refrigerator and shoots out ice cubes that wreck into smaller items on have an effect on with the bottom. Frozen treats additionally shoot towards the participant separately. Dodge and soar over the dice whilst capturing the treats.• 3rd assault: Mortimer stabs the bottom, and 4 blades shoot up one after the other. Ridges at the floor shape to warn gamers the place the blades will pop up. Those concurrent, tricky assaults are a part of what makes Cuphead: Scrumptious Ultimate Path an extra-strength DLC.

Mortimer Freeze Boss Combat: Beating The Ultimate Segment in In Cuphead: Scrumptious Ultimate Path


The 3rd segment brings gamers as much as a collection of rotating platforms whilst Mortimer flies round inside of a snowflake. This provides 3 new strikes to Mortimer’s repertoire.

• First assault: Mortimer shoots buckets that turn out to be into 3 moons flying in crescent patterns. Staying close to Mortimer all over this assault provides probably the most leeway for dodging.• 2nd assault: Mortimer shoots out his eyeball that explodes a vertical beam of sunshine each few seconds. Leap over the attention because it floats and dodge the beams.3rd assault: Mortimer flies out of the snowflake and circles the platforms sooner than returning to the snowflake. 4 snow cones fly towards the middle of the display screen sooner than capturing again outward. Glints point out the place the snow cones will spawn in Cuphead: Scrumptious Ultimate Path.

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Cuphead: Scrumptious Ultimate Path is to be had on PC, Nintendo Transfer, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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