Loki's New Prank on Thor Completely Belongs within the MCU

Loki is referred to as Thor’s biggest villain, however his fresh MCU redemption makes him…

Loki is referred to as Thor’s biggest villain, however his fresh MCU redemption makes him much less evil and extra mischievous, and one prank displays that completely.

Caution! This newsletter comprises spoilers for Iron Guy #25Till very just lately within the MCU, Loki has confirmed to be a despicable villain to each Thor and the Avengers as a complete after serving as the primary or facet antagonist of 3 separate movies throughout the established universe. Then again, one prank Loki pulled on Thor within the comics proves that he’s greater than only a cold-blooded villain, but additionally a really hilarious trickster–and together with his fresh MCU redemption, this prank must be within the MCU.


Loki’s depiction within the MCU adopted the similar broad-stroke plot issues from his comedian starting place. Loki used to be a Thor villain earlier than attacking the Earth, inflicting the Avengers to return in combination for the primary time. Since then, alternatively–in each the comics and the MCU–Loki has grown as a personality exponentially. Within the MCU, Loki is basically a time-traveling hero who is ready to head head-to-head with Kang the Conqueror. Within the comics, Loki has in reality confirmed to be extra of an best friend to Thor than as one among his villains in recent times–despite the fact that simply because Loki isn’t actively seeking to kill Thor in his more moderen books, doesn’t imply he’s now not nonetheless a thorn in Thor’s facet.

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In a brief tale inside of Iron Guy #25 titled “Daddy’s Boys” through Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande, Iron Guy has traveled to Jotunheim on the lookout for Thor as he believes the Avenger is in peril. As Iron Guy is traversing the icy tundra, he comes throughout a statue that has been enchanted with artificial lifestyles. This statue is a guard of Jotunheim, one that doesn’t permit any gods to move unchallenged–despite the fact that it sounds as if it isn’t all that robust as Iron Guy is in a position to totally smash it with a unmarried blast. Even supposing the statue used to be to start with a risk, alternatively, Iron Guy makes a decision to pull its still-talking head with him whilst in search of Thor as it would have come in useful on his adventure. Whilst the statue’s head wasn’t the largest assist to find Thor, it did supply some hilarious perception into Thor and Loki’s courting out of doors their hero/villain competition.

Loki Enchanted a Statue to Have a Overwhelm on Thor

Loki's prank on Thor belongs in MCU.

When Iron Guy unearths Thor, the statue’s head takes one have a look at the God of Thunder and will’t assist however to go with him on his ‘horny naked chest’ whilst additionally calling him ‘superior’. Noting the oddity right here, Iron Guy asks Thor if Loki used to be the person who enchanted this statue to have a overwhelm on Thor, and Thor flatly responds within the affirmative. That is precisely the type of shenanigans Loki and Thor must be entering within the present state of the MCU. Whilst main-continuity-Thor’s Loki is technically useless, any other Loki (the celebrity of the display Loki) has taken the outdated Loki’s position and is now the primary Loki of the MCU. Which means that Thor and this different Loki will inevitably pass paths, and because each could be heroes at that time, Loki wouldn’t pull any literal back-stabbing jokes on Thor–despite the fact that one thing like mesmerizing a statue to have a overwhelm on Thor could be a really perfect prank for Loki to drag on his brother.

Now not simplest would this prank have compatibility completely within the MCU given how Loki and Thor have advanced as characters, however it could additionally have compatibility the tone in their movies as they these days stand. Director Taika Waititi has given the Thor franchise a far looser and extra comical really feel, and to a undeniable extent, that extends to Loki. If the 2 have been to search out themselves in an MCU film in combination once more, and if that film have been to be directed through Taika Waititi simply because the ultimate two Thor films have been, then this actual Wonder Comics prank could be a really perfect addition as this can be a a laugh spin on Loki’s mischievous spirit whilst staying true to the non-threatening hero he has advanced into.

Iron Guy #25 through Wonder Comics is in comedian e-book shops now.

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