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  This text incorporates spoilers for Ms. Wonder episode 2. Ms. Wonder episode 2 continues Kamala Khan’s…


This text incorporates spoilers for Ms. Wonder episode 2.

Ms. Wonder episode 2 continues Kamala Khan’s foundation tale, and is as soon as once more filled with Easter eggs connecting the Disney+ sequence to the broader MCU. Ms. Wonder episode 1 had extra Easter eggs than any unmarried episode of an MCU TV display up to now, however with excellent explanation why; the titular hero was once heading to the sector’s first AvengerCon, a party of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Episode 2 strikes on with the tale, and consequently it has so much much less fan-service.

That does not imply there is a scarcity of Easter eggs, in fact. Kamala Khan is basically an Avengers fangirl, which means she and her pals keep up a correspondence in Avengers references. There may be the whole thing from throwaway discussion to superhero poses evoking reminiscences of alternative Wonder films, which means audience will proceed to seek out this sequence a satisfaction. There may be even a unprecedented connection with the Eternals—an Easter egg that matches completely in Kamala’s global.


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The MCU’s Ms. Wonder has a special powerset and foundation tale, and there are nonetheless much more questions than solutions about simply how Kamala’s powers paintings. Nonetheless, episode 2 drops a large number of clues, and doubtlessly units up some revelations going ahead. Listed here are all of the Easter eggs in Ms. Wonder episode 2 – a few of that may be indicative.

Kamala Khan Thinks She Has Ant-Guy Powers

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Kamala Khan is overjoyed on the thought of getting superpowers and spins out concepts of skills she hopes she possesses. Amusingly, she imagines she would possibly simply possess size-changing powers similar to Ant-Guy’s. There is a stage of irony to this remark; within the comics, Ms. Wonder can modify her mass, each expanding in length (aka “embiggening“) and shrinking. Ms. Wonder in reality does have Ant-Guy powers within the comics – in contrast to the MCU.

The “Finances Captain Wonder” Funny story

Ms Marvel Nakia Bruno Kamala

Ms. Wonder episode 2 contains an a laugh gag that Kamala Khan has develop into “the cheap Captain Wonder.” That was once in fact a line some critics used when Ms. Wonder was once offered, and suffice to mention it hasn’t elderly neatly, given the nature’s enduring reputation. In narrative phrases, it issues to a delicate element that the display will wish to care for with care; Kamala Khan must have the option to step decisively out of Captain Wonder’s shadow, changing into a superhero in her personal proper.

Kamran’s Courting With Kamala Khan

Ms Marvel Kamran

The Kamran subplot is customized immediately from Ms. Wonder #13 and #14, with primary scenes from the comics tailored in a shockingly correct method. Kamala has the similar roughly reaction to Kamran, observing him in infatuated adoration, and the 2 bond over Bollywood films. Extra concerningly, the general scenes of Ms. Wonder episode 2 see Kamran pick out Kamala up and pressure off in his automobile, introducing her to his mom. It is similar to Ms. Wonder #14, the place Kamala’s overwhelm picked her up in his automobile underneath false pretenses and published he labored for a big villain. There, Kamran offered his Nuhuman staff, who turned into primary enemies for Ms. Wonder.

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Ms. Wonder’s Massive Fist

Ms Marvel Giant Fist

Ms. Wonder episode 2 continues to pay homage to Kamala Khan’s powers within the comics, with Kamala growing an power assemble within the form of her trademark “embiggened” fist. Sadly, this does not appear to be particularly helpful to the MCU’s Ms. Wonder, as a result of she lacks the super-strength to raise the fist. Confidently Kamala’s increasing powerset will imply she reveals some way to spice up her power and use her fists.

Ms. Wonder’s Genetic Powers Are A Nod To The Comics

Ms Marvel Hard Light

Bruno’s scans decide that Ms. Wonder’s powers don’t come from the bracelet; relatively, they originate from inside of her, with the bracelet necessarily activating one thing latent inside her. There is a transparent parallel right here to the comics, the place Kamala Khan was once born with a latent Inhuman gene that was once activated when she was once uncovered to the Terrigen Mists. X-Males comics have toyed with identical ideas of latent mutants whose X-genes are activated, with essentially the most notable instance being Magneto’s daughter Polaris.

Kamala Khan Daydreams of Being Asgardian

Chris Hemsworth Thor Love and Thunder

Ms. Wonder turns out to have by no means heard of Inhumans, in fact, and her thoughts spins in an overly other route. Kamala’s first idea is that she most likely has an Asgardian gene that is been activated, and she or he jokingly suggests she may well be associated with Thor. This concept might appear fanciful, however it is vital to bear in mind Asgardian refugees now continue to exist Earth at New Asgard, and might be settling down with people – which means the click within the MCU may neatly be discussing human-Asgardian young children. Surely some have identified that Asgardians were interacting with people for millennia – New Asgard is constructed at a website online of ancient significance to the Asgardians on Earth – so there in reality it is going to be Asgardian DNA within the MCU’s gene pool.

“Exhausting Mild” Is An Fun X-Males Nod

Kamala Khan describes her power constructs as “onerous mild” in Ms. Wonder episode 2, a time period that has a wealthy comedian ebook historical past. It was once utilized in X-Males comics in connection with their Threat Room lengthy prior to Big name Trek ever deployed it in connection with their Holosuites, and there it takes the type of immersive holographic environments and computer-controlled fighters permitting the X-Males to coach. The X-Males’s mutant pop singer Dazzler may be recognized for manipulating onerous mild. Kamala’s power could be very other in look to both, alternatively.

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Ms. Wonder’s Frame Adjustments Reflect Kamran’s In The Comics

Ms Marvel Nose

Ms. Wonder episode 2 sees Kamala understand simply how little keep watch over she has over her powers. It is unclear what precisely is occurring; whilst it is imaginable Ms. Wonder’s frame merely presentations onerous mild over her pores and skin (as an example, over her nostril), the scenes might as an alternative display her frame in fact starting to turn out to be into a troublesome mild shape. Visually, the impact is nearly similar to Kamran’s Inhuman powers within the comics, despite the fact that Kamala’s colour is pink as an alternative of inexperienced. The similarities no doubt don’t seem to be coincidental, and most likely trace on the explanation why Wonder has selected to revamp Kamala’s powers, which is it appears for tale functions. The genetic connection between Kamala and Kamran is also even nearer within the MCU.

A Nod To Kingo Of The Eternals

Kingo preparing for battle in Eternals.

Dialogue of Bollywood turns to speak of Kingo, the Everlasting who is been taking part in appearing in Bollywood for generations. Kingo manages to do that with out attracting consideration via pretending he is a part of a lineage of actors; he makes use of makeup to simulate age, then starts to section in a brand new profession as “Kingo Jr.” It is a laugh to peer Kingo’s Bollywood profession referenced somewhere else within the MCU – and it makes for an ideal nod to one in every of Wonder’s more recent franchises.

Ms. Wonder Moves A Black Widow Pose

Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Pose

Believing she’s stored the day, Ms. Wonder moves a superhero pose that is lifted immediately from Black Widow in Iron Guy 2, despite the fact that in fact Kamala cannot rather pull it off. Suffice to mention Natasha Romanoff’s “sister,” Yelena Belova, would no longer be inspired to be informed simply how a lot Black Widow’s posing has been absorbed into the MCU. Satirically, Ms. Wonder is so busy posing she loses keep watch over of her onerous mild constructs, which means her second of heroism results in crisis.

Ms. Wonder Is Pursued Via Stark Drones From Spider-Guy: A long way From House

Ms Marvel Target Located

Audience might acknowledge the drones that pursue Ms. Wonder as she flees from Harm Keep watch over; they are a variant of the Stark drones noticed in Spider-Guy: A long way From House. This is an engaging continuity nod, given Harm Keep watch over took ownership of the drones after Spider-Guy’s secret identification was once published to the sector. Ms. Wonder episode 2 might subsequently trace that Harm Keep watch over does not simply achieve complex era – additionally they repurpose it. That is a specifically ominous risk given the huge stockpile of complex era they possess, as noticed in Spider-Guy: Homecoming.

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Ms. Wonder releases new episodes on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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