Pokémon GO: Helioptile Raid Information (Absolute best Counters & Weaknesses)

Pokémon GO avid gamers will discover Helioptile in one-star raids, they usually must deliver Flooring…

Pokémon GO avid gamers will discover Helioptile in one-star raids, they usually must deliver Flooring or Preventing-type Pokémon to maximise their harm output.

In Pokémon GO, avid gamers can discover a Helioptile in one-star raids. Accordingly, avid gamers must be capable of defeat this raid boss on their very own if they bring about Pokémon with the precise strikes. Helioptile is an Electrical/Commonplace-type that may evolve into Heliolisk. On account of Helioptile’s typing, it’s susceptible to Flooring or Preventing-type Pokémon and is valuable in opposition to Water, Flying, Ghost, and Metal varieties. Visually, Helioptile resembles a small vivid yellow lizard with black markings and lengthy ears.

Ahead of avid gamers can take part in a raid, they’ll wish to discover a Raid Move. Gamers can discover those passes via spinning Poké Stops or accumulating a loose Pokémon GO far flung Raid Move each and every week from the in-game store. Happily, avid gamers can take part in as many raids as they have got passes for, so they have got a couple of possibilities to catch Helioptile and acquire as many as they need. Gamers would possibly wish to take part in numerous raids with a view to acquire the 50 sweet required to conform it into Heliolisk. Gamers too can use a Pinap Berry whilst catching Helioptile to double the choice of goodies they obtain. Of be aware, Pokémon stuck this manner can also be traded between buddies.


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Preventing or Flooring-type Pokémon are tremendous efficient in opposition to Helioptile. Accordingly, Mega Lopunny with Focal point Blast is among the easiest Preventing-type counters to the one-star raid boss. Landorus in Pokémon GO is a superb Flooring-type counter with strikes like Mudshot, Earthquake, and Earth Energy. More uncomplicated to procure counters which can be nonetheless tremendous efficient come with the Preventing-types Breloom, Lucario, and Conkeldurr with Preventing-type strikes like Counter, Dynamic Punch, and Air of secrecy Sphere. Moreover, avid gamers can use the easier-to-find Flooring-type Pokémon corresponding to Excadrill or Garchomp with strikes like Dust Slap, Earthquake, and Mudshot. Of be aware, there are recently no Preventing/Flooring-type Pokémon which may be used as a counter to Heliotptile.

Pokémon GO: Heliotptile Raid Weaknesses

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Gamers must steer clear of bringing Water, Flying, Ghost, or Metal-type strikes to their raid as a result of Helioptile will face up to those strikes. This contains fashionable Water-type strikes like Hydro Pump, Hydro Cannon, and Bubble. Flying-type strikes to steer clear of come with Courageous Hen, Sky Assault, and Air Slash. To steer clear of taking important harm from Pokémon GO Helioptile’s Electrical-moves, avid gamers must steer clear of Water/Flying-type Pokémon corresponding to Pelipper, Wingull, and Cramorant. Gamers must additionally steer clear of Ghost-type strikes corresponding to Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, and Lick. In any case, avid gamers will wish to steer clear of Metal-type strikes like Steel Claw and Metal Wing. Accordingly, avid gamers must steer clear of Ghost-type Pokémon like Mismagius and Drifblim in addition to Metal-type like Skarmory and Metagross.

As soon as the raid is defeated, the participant will nonetheless must effectively catch Helioptile. Gamers simplest obtain a restricted choice of balls to make the catch. Moreover, avid gamers can use berries to additional strengthen their odds of effectively catching the Pokémon, corresponding to a Razz Berry or Golden Razz Berry. For instance, the Razz Berry will building up a participant’s odds via 1.5, whilst the rarer Golden Razz Berry will increase their possibilities of a a hit catch via 2.5. Golden Razz Berries can also be received as rewards for finishing raids or for finishing a little analysis duties in Pokémon GO.

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Pokémon GO is to be had now on iOS and Android.

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