Pokémon GO: How To Beat Workforce Rocket Cliff (July 2022)

In Pokémon GO, avid gamers will face Workforce Rocket chief Cliff’s made over workforce of…

In Pokémon GO, avid gamers will face Workforce Rocket chief Cliff’s made over workforce of basically Floor, Electrical, Rock, Fireplace, and Water-type Shadow Pokémon.

In Pokémon GO, avid gamers will face Cliff, a Workforce GO Rocket chief. Cliff, in conjunction with the opposite leaders, Arlo and Sierra, will have to be defeated if avid gamers hope to problem the Workforce GO Rocket boss, Giovanni, and his Mythical Shadow Pokémon. Individuals of Workforce GO Rocket incessantly transfer their groups of Pokémon to stay avid gamers coming again, and for July 2022, Cliff has a lineup that includes basically Floor, Electrical, and Rock-types.

To seek out Cliff, avid gamers will have to first whole their Rocket Radar by means of defeating six Workforce Rocket grunts, which may also be discovered guarding some Pokéstops. As soon as avid gamers have their Rocket Radar whole and supplied, the Workforce Rocket leaders in Pokémon GO will start showing at Pokéstops and in sizzling air balloons that fly overhead. Gamers will want to defeat the 3 leaders and accumulate the 3 items of the Tremendous Rocket Radar in the event that they hope to problem Giovanni. As soon as avid gamers in finding Cliff, they’re going to want to make a choice their workforce and get ready for a combat towards his 3 Shadow Pokémon.


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Cliff will open the combat with the Floor-type Pokémon Cubone. On account of its typing, Cubone is vulnerable to Water-, Grass-, and Ice-type assaults. Accordingly, efficient counters come with Kyogre or Kingler with the strikes Waterfall, Surf, Bubble, or Crabhammer/Roserade with the moveset of Razor Leaf and Sun Beam, and Abomasnow, or Mamoswine with the strikes Ice Fang or Powder Snow and Avalanche. Gamers will have to steer clear of bringing Pokémon which can be Electrical-, Poison-, Rock-, Metal-, or Fireplace-type as a result of Cubone in Pokémon GO is tremendous efficient towards them.

Pokémon GO: Beating Cliff’s 2d and Ultimate Pokémon

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For his 2nd Pokémon, Cliff will use Electivire, Luxray, or Omastar. As a result of all Electivire and Luxray are Electrical-type, avid gamers can nonetheless be ready with an efficient counter for those warring parties. Omastar is Water-/Rock-type. On account of Omastar’s typing, avid gamers can use the similar Grass-type they used to defeat Cubone, equivalent to Roserade or Tangrowth. Moreover, Electivire or Luxray percentage a weak point to Floor-type strikes. The most productive counters come with Groudon or Garchomp with the moveset Dust Shot and Earthquake. On the other hand, avid gamers will have to steer clear of bringing Pokémon that are Flying- or Water-type as Electivire and Luxray shall be tremendous efficient towards them.

Cliff’s 3rd and ultimate Pokémon would be the maximum tricky to defeat, and avid gamers might face both Swampert, Charizard, or Tyranitar in Pokémon GO. Whilst all 3 Pokémon do not need a commonplace weak point, Swampart and Tyranitar percentage a weak point to Grass-type strikes as a result of Swampert is Water-type and Tyranitar is Darkish-Rock Sort. As well as, as a result of Cubone and the Electrical-types Electivire and Luxray additionally percentage a Grass-type weak point, avid gamers will virtually indisputably have one of their birthday celebration for the 3rd combat. Gamers can even wish to deliver two Grass-types for the primary two battles to organize for dealing with Swampert or Tyranitar. Accordingly, avid gamers will have to imagine bringing Pokémon equivalent to Roserade, Tangrowth, or Zarude supplied with strikes like Vine Whip and Energy Whip.

As a result of Charizard is a Fireplace-type, avid gamers will have to steer clear of Grass-type strikes and prioritize Floor-, Rock-, and Water-type assaults as a substitute. Efficient counters for Charizard come with Kyogre in Pokémon GO, supplied with strikes like Waterfall and Hydro Pump. Gamers too can go for Rampardos with strikes like Smack Down and Rock Slide or Regirock with strikes like Rock Throw and Stone Edge for the general combat towards Cliff.

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Pokémon GO is to be had now on iOS and Android.

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