Pokémon GO: Mega Pidgeot July 2022 Raid Information (Easiest Counters & Weaknesses)

Pokémon GO gamers will to find the Flying-/Commonplace-type Pokémon Mega Pidgeot in Mega Raids. Gamers…

Pokémon GO gamers will to find the Flying-/Commonplace-type Pokémon Mega Pidgeot in Mega Raids. Gamers must prioritize Electrical, Ice, and Rock-type strikes.

In Pokémon GO, gamers can to find and catch the Pokémon Mega Pidgeot in Mega Raids now via July 22, 2022. All through this window, gamers will come upon Pidgeot in Mega Raids, which can be usually more difficult than five-star raids. Mega Pidgeot is straight away identifiable as a huge brown chook Pokémon with a mild brown underside and yellow and pink feathers adoring its head.

Gamers must be aware that Mega Pidgeot in Pokémon GO is a Flying/Commonplace-type Pokémon. Accordingly, one of the best counters by contrast Mega Pokémon are Electrical-, Ice-, and Rock-type, which can deal tremendous fine injury. One of the vital very best Pokémon who can be informed tough Electrical-type strikes are Electivire, Luxray, Raikou, and Mega Ampharos, with strikes like Fee Beam, Thunder Surprise, and Wild Fee. Moreover, Ice-type strikes are tremendous fine in opposition to Mega Pidgeot, so gamers must prioritize Ice-type Pokémon corresponding to Mamoswine, Beartic, and Galarian Darmanitan with strikes like Ice Shard, Powder Snow, and Avalanche. In any case, gamers too can make the most of Rock-type Pokémon corresponding to Rampardos and Tyranitar with strikes like Stone Edge, Smack Down, and Rock Slide.


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In a raid in opposition to Mega Pidgeot, gamers must steer clear of Grass, Combating, and Worm-type Pokémon, as Mega Pidgeot’s Flying/Commonplace-type is immune to them. Accordingly, some historically tough raid Pokémon just like the Grass-types Venusaur, Serperior, and Roserade in Pokémon GO, and with strikes like Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and Sun Beam is probably not fine. Likewise, gamers must now not come with Combating-types of their events like Machamp, Conkeldurr, or Throh with movesets of Counter, Dynamic Bunch, and Center of attention Blast. In any case, gamers must steer clear of Worm-type Pokémon corresponding to Scizor or Heracross with strikes like X-Scissor or Fight Worm. As a result of Mega Raids most effective permit gamers a brief window to defeat the boss, gamers will need to prioritize super-effective strikes.

Pokémon GO: Mega Raid Information

Pokémon GO Mega Pidgeot Raid Battle Guide Best Counters and Movesets

As a result of Mega Pidgeot is in Mega Raids, it’s going to most likely require no less than 5 high-level gamers or a number of extra lower-level gamers to win. As soon as the raid is defeated, the participant will nonetheless need to effectively catch the chook Pokémon. As a result of Mega is just a brief state in Pokémon GO, gamers will catch Pidgeot in its common shape. To conform into Mega Pidgeot, gamers will want to use 100 Mega Power in Pokémon GO, which is rewarded for defeating Mega Raids or a little research duties. Moreover, gamers most effective obtain a restricted choice of balls to make the catch. Happily, gamers can take part in as many raids as they have got passes for, so they have got more than one probabilities to catch Pidgeot and accumulate as many as they want, hunt for a glittery variant, or accumulate an abundance of Mega Power.

Gamers must be aware that there’s a slight probability they are going to come upon a glittery Mega Pidgeot within the Mega Raid, which is a vibrant gold colour as a substitute of the standard brown. Moreover, gamers can use berries to additional toughen their odds of effectively catching the Pokémon, corresponding to a Razz Berry or Golden Razz Berry. For instance, the Razz Berry will build up a participant’s odds by way of 1.5, whilst the rarer Golden Razz Berry in Pokémon GO will increase their possibilities of a a success catch by way of 2.5. Golden Razz Berries can also be acquired as rewards for finishing raids or for finishing a little research duties.

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Pokémon GO is to be had now on iOS and Android.

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