Pokémon GO: Nihilego Extremely Beast Raid Information (Best possible Counters & Weaknesses)

Nihilego is the primary Extremely Beast from Pokémon Solar and Moon to enroll in Pokémon…

Nihilego is the primary Extremely Beast from Pokémon Solar and Moon to enroll in Pokémon Pass. To defeat it, use Metal, Water, or Psychic-type assaults.

Nihilego is showing in Pokémon Pass’s Raid Battles for a restricted time. To seize one, running shoes will wish to paintings in combination to defeat it with right kind counters. Nihilego is thought of as a different form of mythical Pokémon referred to as Extremely Beasts. Offered in Pokémon Solar and Moon, those extradimensional creatures have gave the impression from the Extremely House and possess the facility to go beyond worlds. They are going to seem in Extremely Wormholes across the map, in a similar way to commonplace mythical Raid Battles. There are lots of Extremely Beasts to seize, however Nihilego is the primary to are available Pokémon Pass.

This Extremely Beast made its first and most effective look on day 2 of Pokémon Pass Fest 2022. This was once a top rate tournament that challenged running shoes to seize more than a few Pokémon in a brief length. Those that bought a price tag may take part in those demanding situations, acquire higher Glossy odds, and free up particular cosmetics in-game. On the other hand, because it most effective gave the impression for a unmarried day, it is unknown when it’ll go back to Raid Battles.


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As soon as it seems that in Raid Battles once more, one of the best ways to defeat Nihilego is to make use of Pokémon with Metal-, Water-, or Psychic-type assaults. Since Nihilego is a Rock- and Poison-type in Pokémon GO, it is liable to taking injury from those typings. Even though, Floor-type is definitely the most productive to make use of within the bunch. Since Rock and Poison are each vulnerable to Floor-type assaults, they’ll mix for x4 injury, making fast paintings of Nihilego. Due to this fact, those are the most productive Pokémon to make use of to counter it.

Best possible Nihilego Raid Counters in Pokémon Pass

Pokemon GO Raid Pass Change Angers Players
  • Alolan Dugtrio: Dust Slap and Earthquake.
  • Donphan: Dust Slap and Earthquake.
  • Excadrill: Dust Slap and Earthquake.
  • Flygon: Dust Shot and Earth Energy.
  • Garchomp: Dust Shot and Earth Energy.
  • Golem: Dust Slap and Earthquake.
  • Golurk: Dust Slap and Earth Energy.
  • Krookodile: Dust Slap and Earthquake.
  • Landorus: Dust Shot and Earth Energy.
  • Mamoswine: Dust Slap and Earthquake.
  • Metagross: Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash.
  • Rhydon: Dust Slap and Earthquake.
  • Rhyperior: Dust Slap and Earthquake.
  • Swampert: Dust Shot and Earthquake.
  • Therian Landorus: Dust Shot and Earthquake.

Regardless, there’ll wish to be a minimum of 4 running shoes actively collaborating on this Raid Combat. Any fewer may possibility avid gamers working out of the clock. It is unknown when Nihilego will go back to Raid Battles, nevertheless it should not be too lengthy since it is recently the Season of Pass in Pokémon GO. This Pokémon Pass seasonal tournament will additional introduce extra Extremely Beasts into the sport, explaining their interdimensional powers. Nihilego is solely the primary of eleven different Extremely Beasts to be added to the sport.

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Pokémon Pass is to be had now on iOS and Android.

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