Smallville: When Every Major Personality Came upon Clark Was once Superman

Here is how every of the principle characters in Smallville discovered out the reality about Clark…

Here is how every of the principle characters in Smallville discovered out the reality about Clark Kent (Tom Welling) being Superman. Like maximum superhero tales, probably the most necessary components of Smallville used to be Clark’s secret identification. Because the pilot episode, Clark attempted exhausting to give protection to the name of the game of his powers and his Kryptonian heritage from the folks round him, however there have been occasions when Clark both failed to cover the reality, or used to be forced to return blank.

As a result of Superman’s morality, he’s going to at all times be referred to as the Giant Blue Boy Scout, however all through maximum of Smallville, Clark discovered himself in positions the place he needed to lie and stay secrets and techniques from the folks closest to him. The wear and tear that Clark’s lies did to his relationships had been a very powerful a part of the primary six seasons of the collection. In spite of his absolute best efforts, then again, the reality referring to his secret identification used to be found out by means of quite a lot of major characters all through the display’s run.


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Right through Smallville‘s ten-season run, Clark met various individuals who he used to be ready to be fair with. With some, Clark got here blank willingly, whilst others needed to to find out the reality on their very own. Here is how the entire major characters who knew Clark’s secret on Smallville first found out who he in point of fact used to be (so as).

Pete Ross (Season 2)

Sam Jones III as Pete Ross in Smallville

In Smallville season 1, the one other folks Clark may just communicate to about his powers had been his oldsters, Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha (Annette O’Toole). That modified in season 2 when Clark’s absolute best buddy, Pete Ross (Sam Jones III), discovered Clark’s spaceship after it were given swept up within the twister from the Smallville season 1 finale. Pete sought after to inform other folks concerning the send, forcing Clark to get a hold of excuses to forestall him. When Clark used to be blamed for the send’s unexpected disappearance, Clark informed Pete his secret, figuring out that it used to be the one solution to maintain their friendship. Pete helped Clark stay his secret in seasons 2 and three, however the burden it introduced sooner or later were given the most productive of him. To flee from it, Pete left the collection within the penultimate episode of season 3.

Chloe Sullivan (Seasons 4 & 5)

In a season 4 episode, Clark’s female friend Alicia (Sarah Carter) turned into decided to leak his secret to the sector, so she tricked Clark into the usage of his powers in entrance of Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack). Chloe watched in surprise as Clark stuck a automobile along with his naked palms. Hoping he would inform her about his skills on his personal, Chloe mentioned not anything, and assumed that Clark used to be meteor-infected. After accidentally following Clark to the Fort of Solitude, Chloe knew that there used to be extra to his secret than she learned. After saving Chloe from freezing to demise within the Fort, Clark in the end informed Chloe the whole thing within the season 5 premiere — and from then on, she served as Clark’s closest best friend.

Lionel Luthor (Season 5)

After interacting with one of the vital Kryptonian Stones of Energy, Lionel turned into a vessel of Jor-El (voiced by means of Terence Stamp). Throughout the connection that used to be established by means of the Stone, Jor-El used to be ready to take keep watch over of Lionel and use him to resurrect Clark when he used to be killed in Smallville season 5. It used to be published that after Jor-El inhabited Lionel’s frame, he left at the back of a few of his Kryptonian wisdom (together with the reality about Clark’s identification) in Lionel’s thoughts. Later, Lionel confessed to Clark that he knew he used to be Kal-El. Although it took time for Clark and Martha to agree with the previous villain, he by no means stopped looking to end up himself to the Kents.

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Oliver Queen (Season 6)

One episode after his creation to the collection, Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) used to be breaking right into a museum as Inexperienced Arrow when he used to be intercepted by means of Clark, who used his powers to forestall him. Oliver, who witnessed Clark’s powers firsthand, attempted to persuade him to make use of his skills to learn the sector, quite than simply his pals in Smallville. Oliver turned into the primary (and best) main persona to determine Clark’s secret inside of only one episode of assembly him.

Lana Lang (Season 6)

Clark spent six seasons agonizing over what to do about Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) and his secret. A number of stumbling blocks avoided him from telling her, starting from his personal concern that she would blame him for the demise of her oldsters, to his worry that figuring out the reality could be an excessive amount of of a burden for her to undergo. In season 5, Clark in the end informed her and proposed. Sadly, this resolution used to be undone when Clark needed to flip again time to forestall her from demise. Because of this, Clark stored his secret hidden from her for any other yr.

In season 6, Lana — who knew Clark used to be hiding one thing ever since she noticed him save her from the twister — determined that if he would not inform her the reality, she would to find it on her personal. After environment a lure for Clark at the day of her marriage ceremony to Lex (Michael Rosenbaum), she witnessed him the usage of his powers. She concept this used to be the entire tale, till Clark informed her that he used to be from any other planet within the season 6 finale. Clark admitted to Lana in season 7 that he had no thought why he used to be ever frightened that she would not perceive.

Lex Luthor (Season 7)

After turning into a full-fledged villain in season 7, Lex murdered his father and plunged himself deeper into the thriller of the Traveler, the title given to the alien who got here to Earth within the meteor bathe. After discovering the site of the Fort of Solitude and uncovering a solution to achieve keep watch over over the Traveler, Lex requested Brainiac (within the guise of Laura Vandervoort’s Supergirl) who the Traveler used to be. Brainiac spoke back, “do not you know?” implying that the entire clues had been proper in entrance of him. Lex it seems that put the items in combination, and used to be no longer  shocked when Clark faced him within the Fort for his or her ultimate struggle within the finale.

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Davis Bloome (Season 8)

Davis Bloome (Sam Witwer), the human type of Doomsday, suffered from blackouts and used to be unaware for a very long time that he used to be a Kryptonian monster created to kill Clark. Tess, believing that Clark needed to kill Doomsday to grow to be the hero he used to be fated to be, informed Davis about his future and his connection to Clark towards the top of season 8.

Tess Mercer (Season 8)

Tess Mercer on Smallville

Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) knew there used to be one thing up with Clark when she got here to Smallville to switch Lex in season 8. Lex’s obsession with Clark and the tips he had on him used to be sufficient to offer her a couple of clues. She even orchestrated a aircraft crash to drive Clark into exposing his skills, however her plan did not paintings. Towards the top of season 8, she exposed Lionel’s magazine and discovered the whole thing she had to learn about Clark. When she informed Clark that she knew the reality, he did not agree with her in the beginning; then again, in time, Clark won sufficient self assurance in Tess to ask her to enroll in Smallville’s Justice League.

Jimmy Olsen (Season 8)

Jimmy Olsen Smallville

Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) began to suspect that Clark used to be the Pink-Blue Blur (Clark’s vigilante identification for season 8), when his analysis into the hero’s rescues pointed him at once at Clark. Clark briefly alleviated Jimmy’s suspicions by means of arranging for Oliver to pose because the Pink-Blue Blur, however the fact used to be uncovered as soon as Jimmy noticed him heal from a wound within the season 8 finale. Sadly, although, Jimmy wasn’t in on Clark’s secret for lengthy. Jimmy used to be killed by means of Davis in the similar episode, main Clark to resign his humanity.

Lois Lane (Season 9)

Erica Durance as Lois Lane in Smallville

From Smallville seasons 2 to season 6, Clark needed to fend off questions from a suspicious Lana, however he did not have the similar drawback with Lois Lane (Erica Durance), who remained oblivious to Clark’s secret identification for lots of the collection. Issues took a flip within the Smallville season 9 finale, when Clark (because the Blur) stored Lois from Zod (Callum Blue) and kissed her. After he left, Lois used to be ready to inform from the kiss that Clark used to be the Blur all alongside. On the other hand, she did not inform Clark about this, and simply as Chloe did in season 4, she waited for Clark to inform her himself. Early in season 10, Clark confessed to Lois that he used to be the Blur, and used to be shocked to determine that she already knew.

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Why Clark Kent Is A Horrible Cover For Superman

Even supposing it is been a an important part of his persona since he first debuted in comedian guide shape in 1938, Superman’s secret identification as Clark Kent is flimsy at absolute best. Many of the Smallville characters who be told that Clark Kent is in point of fact Superman to find out after being informed or witnessing him the usage of his powers. In all probability, then again, other folks may just very simply put two and two in combination simply from elementary remark. Now not best does Clark Kent glance precisely just like the ever-maskless Superman (aside from for the insignificant addition of glasses), however the journalism quilt for why Kent at all times occurs to be within sight when Superman is lively would fall aside underneath anything else however probably the most elementary scrutiny – and he works in a development stuffed with investigative reporters who’d spot him a mile away. On the identical time, then again, its obviousness is strictly what makes Superman’s Clark Kent identification the very best cover, as the most productive lies are those who maximum carefully replicate the reality. Extra importantly, the silliness of Superman’s secret identification is helping give Smallville its comedian guide appeal.

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